Why Get a Sit-Stand Desk Instead of a Traditional Workstation?

Why Get a Sit-Stand Desk Instead of a Traditional Workstation?
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Why Get a Sit-Stand Desk Instead of a Traditional Workstation?

Sit-Stand DeskThe introduction of sit-stand desks to most industries has been met by a lot of debate on its importance and role compared to the typical desk and chair in an office setting. These desks are more inspired and strapped by the health benefits they provide to the user, proven by health experts. You do not have to go running, go to the gym, or conduct massive exercises to stay healthy. Getting a standing or sit-stand workstation is an excellent milestone in your journey to improved healthy living, as it uses muscles similar to conducting regular exercise. It may not be easy at first, but you will enjoy it once you start seeing the results. Using a standing/ sit-stand desk in your office will benefit you in the following ways:

Lower your risk of getting health complications

Your body is not engineered to stay in a static position all day, as most adults are tending to do for 65-75% of the day. The adjustable sit-stand desk helps reduce blood sugar levels, especially for Diabetic and insulin resistance people, according to research by the University of Pittsburgh’s Dr. Nancy A. Baker. You may not have these diseases, but the desk is an exercise on its own, helping save you from heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, and nerve problems as they tend to negate the effects of too much sitting. In addition, they help reduce weight but will only burn a significant amount of calories when used with the right professional advice; considering that standing up burns an average of 50 calories more than sitting per hour. Add this to your daily routine and save yourself from obesity while toning your waistline for that summer beach party you cannot wait to attend.

Improve your mood, energy and boost productivity

Scientists have proven that these modern-day desks will help improve your concentration and, subsequently, your productivity. Sedentary actions, in the long term, contribute to depression and anxiety. Interestingly, the thickness of your temporal lobe responsible for your levels of learning and memory is considered directly correspondent to how often you sit or stand. Standing requires using some of the most significant body muscles, helping increase blood flow to the brain, and releasing chemicals to maintain good physical and mental health. By doing this, you jolt your brainpower and improve your mental focus, helping achieve a happy mood and less fogginess in your head as your mind potentially races with great ideas.

Improved your neck and back pain

Did you know that the sit-stand desks also help to considerably reduce your neck and back pain? Multiple studies have shown that users of the sit-stand desks have reported a 32% improvement in their neck and back pain after only a few weeks of using these desks. It is however important to note that standing for too long can have adverse effects on your health. Ideally, alternate between standing and sitting effectively and use a timer to regulate the periods. Ensure you get professional guidance on how to effectively use it with essential factors in mind such as :

• Setting the standing table height approximately at your standing elbow height
• Standing on an anti-fatigue mat with supportive shoes
• Using an ergonomic chair to sit periodically and;
• Alternating postures while paying attention to how your body responds to the exercise
• Lastly, do not lean forward or backward to avoid causing strain on your lower back and pelvis

Final thoughts

An extension to a standard desk maybe a cost-effective option particularly if working from home at the moment.

If you are suffering from neck and back pain and also want to assist your potential long-term health improvements, then get yourself a sit-stand desk! If you are currently suffering from a neck or back injury give us a call on 9303 9952 (Roxburgh Park) or 9746 3977 (Sunbury), or book online and let us help you work out which option would be best for your situation.

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