Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a very special time in any woman’s life when huge changes occur in her body as the baby grows. For many women these changes can bring some problems such as backache and, for all women – but perhaps, most especially for first-time mothers, some worries about whether there will be any problems with a long, painful labour or a difficult delivery.

Having a baby should be a wonderful time for all mothers-to-be and we are here to support you through the whole nine months with gentle, effective Chiropractic care. So please contact us on 9303 9952 and arrange an appointment today – we will take very good care of you.

At Chatfield Chiropractic, we care for many women throughout their pregnancies. We have special maternity tables and equipment and use techniques that avoid any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen.

Our aim is to help ensure a more comfortable pregnancy with correct pelvic alignment and to treat one of the most common problems experienced by mums-to-be, low back pain arising from biomechanical causes.

Reasons to Have Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

As the baby grows in the womb, the abdomen gets bigger, increasing the curve of the spine. This means that pregnant women have to constantly adapt their posture to their changing shape and centre of gravity.These changes can result in misalignments within the spinal column and in other joints.

In addition, as the pregnancy progresses, production of the hormone Relaxin causes the ligaments of the pelvis to relax. This is so that the baby is able to pass through the pelvis during delivery – but the downside for the pregnant woman is a decrease in the stability of the pelvis with the potential for misalignment that can impinge on nerves, causing pain.

The gentle, holistic Chiropractic care at Chatfield Chiropractic is effective in treating the musculoskeletal problems that commonly affect pregnant women. The treatment expectant mothers receive helps to make them feel more comfortable throughout their pregnancies, controlling low and mid back pain and neck pain, that can be particularly troublesome in the third trimester. By correcting misalignments and ensuring pelvic stability, we can help to ensure the mother’s body is in the best possible shape for an uncomplicated labour and delivery.

After the Baby is Born

At Chatfield Chiropractic, care for new Mums does not stop when the baby is born. The hormonal changes that helped prepare the body for delivery, softening the ligaments of the pelvis, do not disappear right after the birth. In the first few months postpartum, the ligaments are still loose and misalignments causing pain can easily occur in the normal daily activities of lifting baby in and out of the cot or car or due to the posture adopted during breast-feeding.

To find out how a program of Chiropractic care can help to support you throughout your pregnancy and after your baby’s birth, arrange an appointment with Dr Chatfield by calling 9303 9952 (Roxburgh Park) or 9746 3977 (Sunbury) now.