Hip to Foot Pain

hip-knee-foot-pain-chiropractorIt is only when pain in our hips, legs or feet stops us from doing all those things we normally do every day – without even thinking about it, that we realize just how much we take our mobility for granted.

A hip, knee or foot problem can be a problem with the joint that seems to be affected or the muscles, ligaments and nerves that surround it. It is often the case that the pain, numbness or tingling is referred pain resulting from a misalignment of a joint in the spine or pelvis causing pressure on nerves. For example, a problem in the lower back can cause referred pain in the hip, or down the leg.

A thorough initial assessment of each patient and not just the symptoms they are experiencing enables a Chiropractor to understand the exact cause of the problem. Chiropractic care, often with the addition of exercises to do at home can be effective for pain with a musculoskeletal cause; so, if hip, knee or foot pain is something you are suffering from, please call us today and arrange an appointment on 9303 9952 today.

Common Causes of Lower Limb Pain

Muscle Strains: Our legs, hips and feet contain many muscles that enable a wide range of movement – walking, running, bending, sitting and complex moves for sport and dancing, etc., so it is no wonder that muscle strains are so common. A strained muscle can cause a range of symptoms from mild stiffness to excruciating pain radiating throughout the leg and hip.

Hip Joint Problems: Hip injuries are not as common as knee or ankle injuries, but repetitive movement throughout our lives can take a toll and ‘wear and tear’ can bring its own problems. Osteoarthritis affecting the cartilage and tendonopathy affecting the tendons are just two examples.

Knee Joint Problems: Knee pain often arises because of problems elsewhere in the body that are over-stressing the knee. This can be due to incorrect movement of the hip, ankle or foot joints. However, knee pain often results from a sports injury or fall that damages either, the ligaments that support the joint, or the meniscus, the built-in ‘shock absorber’ of cartilage inside the knee. Bursitis, an inflammation of the fluid filled sac inside the knee is also common.

Foot and Ankle Joint Problems: Because of the enormous forces put on these joints in daily life, sprained or strained muscles and ligaments as well as Achilles tendon injuries are quite common.

Sometimes the problems are biomechanical; over-pronation of the foot, for example can cause problems including ‘flat feet’, bunions and pain in the ankles, knees and hips. Orthotics are often prescribed to rectify these problems if wearing well-fitting shoes that provide correct support for the foot is insufficient.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

By getting to the cause of the problem and identifying the underlying factors responsible for the pain, Daniel Chatfield, Doctor of Chiropractic at Chatfield Family and Sports Chiropractic, can provide a holistic treatment plan. Where Chiropractic care is appropriate, this will incorporate gentle Chiropractic adjustments and mobilization techniques to correct any imbalances or biomechanical issues and (in some cases), home exercises to strengthen muscles and joints.

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