How to Avoid Text Neck

How to Avoid Text Neck
April 20th, 2021 | Neck Pain | Comments Off on How to Avoid Text Neck

How to Avoid Text Neck

Text Neck

When standing upright, the head exerts about 5.5kg on the neck. However, this weight increases when you bend the neck. It exerts approximately 18kg at around a 30° bend and 28kg at a 70° bend. Unfortunately, most people bend at different angles when using their mobile phones and do it for hours each day. This causes lots of pressure on the lower neck and spine regions. Eventually, it leads to degeneration, early wear-and-tear on the spine, and overcompensation from some neck muscles. This new-age ailment is called ‘text neck’.

The symptoms of this condition include muscle strain, dizziness, pinched nerves, chronic headaches, and shoulder pain. If the deterioration of the muscles reaches a critical stage, you may need surgery to alleviate the pain.

How Do You Avoid the Condition?

You can do several things to prevent text neck or stop its progression to a more painful condition. Here are some tips.

Take Breaks when Using the Phone

Avoid using the phone for hours on end. After texting or using the phone for a few minutes, keep the phone aside, stretch and do any other activity that lets you lift your head upright. If your work involves using the phone a lot, try to take breaks after every thirty minutes to relieve the pressure on the neck.

Use the Phone Facing Up

Most people tend to face down when using the phone, which leads to the condition. Make it a habit to lift the phone and use it when sitting or standing upright. In this position, you not only relieve the pressure on your upper spine but also avoid straining when looking at the phone screen.

Practice Good Posture

Many people walk or sit in a hunched forward position, putting pressure on the lower part of the neck. If you picked the posture earlier, there is a likelihood that your body has gotten used to it. However, you can practice good posture by not stooping forward each time you sit or stand. Consider buying an upright seat for your office and sit with the back of the seat support.

Take Breaks on Your Desk

Another leading cause of text neck is sitting stooped on your workstation. The surface of your desk should be in a position where you can sit upright and face your computer screen while upright. Besides, you should get up from a desk after sitting for a while to stretch and stand upright. It does not hurt to walk over to pick a document from a colleague rather than have them scan it for you.

Get Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps to loosen up pinched nerves, deal with neck fatigue and align the spine to your natural back curvature. Consider getting some chiropractic massage on a regular basis. In addition to dealing with pain, it is quite relaxing and helps improve your productivity.

Since you cannot stop using electronic devices, adopt the good posture practices listed above to avoid the text neck condition. If you are suffering with these symptoms, please contact us at your convenience.

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