Choosing the Right Pillow for Your Neck

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Choosing the Right Pillow for Your Neck

neck pillowChiropractors,  Daniel Chatfield & Janet Georgis often get asked how to choose the right  pillow?? . Using  the wrong pillow, could potentially  have a  detrimental effect on your  neck pain – and on the quality of your  sleep.

Neck problems with pain and stiffness are often caused by the pillow you are using but other problems, particularly long hours at the computer, or stress and tension can also be factors.

Below, Daniel & Janet  have put together some self-help suggestions that can help to prevent pain in the cervical spine as well as relieve symptoms for those already affected. They  also recommend regular Chiropractic treatment to help support people to get good quality sleep.

  1. Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on either your side or your back, are the best two positions for your neck and the rest of the spine. Sleeping on your front is harder on your spine because the neck is turned to one side and the back is arched.

  1. Choose the Right Pillow

Choose a pillow that is:

  • Wide enough to support the neck and the head – do not sleep on a pillow with only your head resting on it and your neck unsupported
  • Deep enough for one pillow to be sufficient – using two or more pillows can tilt your neck out of alignment causing neck strain and resulting in pain and/or stiffness
  • Higher under the neck than the head if you sleep on your side as this helps to keep the spine straight during the night

neck pillowFeather pillows are very good (unless you suffer from allergies, of course). They gently conform to the shape of your neck and cushion your head whether you sleep on your back or your side. Memory foam pillows are another option – and certainly, manufacturers claim that they help with spinal alignment. However, choosing one that is too stiff or too thick can result in neck pain or stiffness due to the neck having to flex over the pillow.

Water-filled pillows are another option and, while these are often more expensive, they can prove very effective for the relief of neck pain.

Change your pillow if it loses its shape or gets flatter. Feather pillows, in particular, may need changing annually.

If you sleep on your side, consider using a knee pillow under your top knee as this helps to reduce strain on your hips and spine.

  1. Take a Travel Pillow on Journeys

Whether travelling by train, plane or car, a neck pillow that fits around the back and sides of the neck can make things much more comfortable and prevent strain on the neck during a snooze.

A good travel pillow is also helpful if you have an evening when you can relax and read or watch television as it will support your neck in a comfortable position.

To Sum Up

Daniel & Janet  both think that you need to take steps to ensure that your neck and spine have sufficient and correct support while you are asleep, neck pain and other aches and pains arising from spinal misalignment are almost inevitable.  As choosing a pillow can be confusing our clinic has some sample pillows for people to try at home to make sure they get a pillow that they are really happy with !!!. We also can order for you from any of the therapeutic pillow range at & we always sell at below Recommended Retail Price because our primary goal to help improve your health  as much as possible !!

Many people find that choosing the correct pillow brings relief of symptoms quite quickly – but is important to rule out other potential causes. So, if you continue to  experience neck problems that are preventing you from enjoying a good night’s sleep or the activities of everyday life, call Chatfield Chiropractic today, for an assessment appointment.

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