Fish Oil Can Help Relieve Joint Pain

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Fish Oil Can Help Relieve Joint Pain

joint painIn today’s world joint pain can be a common occurrence for many people, brought on by any number of issues ranging from underlying injury all the way through to seemingly innocuous circumstances, such as a downturn in temperature. Joint pain can require careful management to ease the symptoms as you go about everyday life. Numerous studies have been done, looking into ways in which the pain can be effectively managed, and studies have shown that there is a key ingredient that can help with the relief of joint pain. This has led to more and more people looking into the benefits of fish oils.

joint painWhat is it and what are its benefits?

Fish body oil and liver oil are known to contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D. These are all known to act as anti-inflammatories and play a part in the maintenance of healthy joints. The oils contain Eicosapentatonic acid (EPA) and decoxahexaeonic acid (DHA), which have been shown to aid with the suppression of the body’s natural pro-flammatory response. While this response can be useful for a number of circumstances, if the response is ongoing, in a joint, it will only lead to further pain in the future. By suppressing this response with EPA and DHA, your body will recover more efficiently, and joint pain will reduce because of it. However, there is one issue: the human body is unable to produce EPA and DHA by itself so the best and most efficient way of obtaining these acids are by taking fish oil.

Also found in fish oil are vitamins A and D, which aid with calcium absorption and the general maintenance of the body.  When these vitamins are combined together with fish oil there are absolute benefits in the management and reduction of joint pain.

fish oilHow can I get fish oil in my diet?

It is very simple to incorporate these oils into your diet as they are present in many types of fish that are eaten regularly. UK Studies have shown that it is advisable to have two dishes per week that contain oily fish, so you should be looking into dishes such as salmon, sardines and anchovies to get your dose. But if you are not a particular fan of fish, you can purchase fish oil supplements at your local grocery or pharmacy.

If you do choose to use fish oil supplements, try to look out for supplements that contain DHA and EPA, and not pesticides or traces of Mercury. Studies have shown that to get the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil from supplements, you should look to consume around 3g per day as recommended in clinical guides. Also, as always with medical issues, make sure to check with a health professional to ensure that fish oil is compatible with your lifestyle, circumstances or medication that you are currently taking, as there are occasions where it may not be suitable for you.

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