Why A Pregnancy Chiropractor Is Important

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Why A Pregnancy Chiropractor Is Important

pregnancy careSuffering from back pain during pregnancy is a common thing, although it does not happen to all women. Chiropractor, Dr Daniel Chatfield reports, “More than 50% of pregnant women worldwide suffer from one form of back pain with the lower back pain being the most common. Studies have shown that lower back pain in pregnancy starts as from the 5th to the 7th month although this can vary from one mother to another.”

In most cases, the back pain in pregnant women is mild although it can sometimes get more severe and chronic depending on the activity.

A higher incidence of back pain has been reported in women with pre-existing back pain conditions. For a long time now, many women have considered conventional methods as the only option to treat back pain problems during pregnancy.  This is changing, as chiropractic pregnancy care becomes better known.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is the health maintenance of the spinal discs, column, and related nerves to relieve the lower back pain. It is a combination of science and art to improve joint motion in the body, especially in the spine. This usually reduces the spinal stress, which is the main cause of the pain.

It is worth noting that women gain between 10 to 15kg during the pregnancy period weight that has to be supported by the spine. This combined with the weight of the growing baby puts a lot of pressure on the back leading to the pain.

Pregnancy even changes the posture of mothers due to the changing centre of gravity. All these changes taking place when the mother is pregnant can make one feel unease even if the pain is not acute.

Regular exercises can help boost the flexibility of muscles and ease the stress on the spine, but a visit to a chiropractor is often always recommended. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have a good safety record and offer mothers a natural solution that is free of drugs.

We can all agree that the use of painkillers or other medications during pregnancy is not recommended unless advised so by your doctor. A chiropractor can advise you on the right exercise and postures helping you reduce the pain.

Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care during pregnancy making it a safe choice for mothers worldwide. All qualified chiropractors are usually trained on how to work with pregnant mothers and ease their pain without causing any harm to the baby or mother.

Dr Daniel is a  chiropractor that has sought further education  that have focused on prenatal and postnatal care . They learn various techniques that allow them to work without putting unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. They can even teach you a few stretches and exercises that are safe during pregnancy.

You should always look out for signs that indicate you’re suffering from lower back pain and visit a chiropractor early enough before the condition gets worse. You need to see a chiropractor when:

• When the back pain is severe and progressively getting worse
• When you feel weak, uncoordinated and lost feeling your legs
• Loss of sensation in the buttocks
• Lower back pain is late (second or third trimester)

Chiropractic can provide women with several benefits that maintain a healthier pregnancy. Call for a Chiropractor in Roxburgh Park on (03) 9303 9952 or Sunbury on (03)9746 3977  to arrange an appointment.

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