Stressed Out? Here is What Stress Does to Your Body

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Stressed Out? Here is What Stress Does to Your Body

Do a Self-Analysis Now

• Determine what causes you to feel overwhelmed while closing your eyes
• Place you hand on the location you feel pain as a result of the stress as an acknowledgment
• Now that you acknowledge your stress and know where it pains, put your mind to the location

Causes of Stress

Each of us faces different stressors in life. However, the reaction differs from one person to another. There are those stressors that cause negative stress, such as chronic illness, job loss, an unexpected bill or divorce. Particularly at the moment COVID & all the restrictions are placing stress on everyone now! However, you may also encounter stressors that cause positive stress, such as planning for a presentation, wedding or getting a promotion or moving house. Both of the stresses lead to a similar body reaction.

What are the Effects of Stress?

Stress may increase your breathing, cause rapid heartbeats, cause tension or increased sweating. There are a combination of nervous system, respiratory, hormonal and cardiovascular body changes as the body prepares for a flight-or-fight response.

Short-term incidences of stress that just cause ‘butterflies’ are not harmful. However, long-term stress may have a negative effect on your overall health.

Why Should You Reduce Stress?

Additional research is required to determine the link between heart disease and stress.

However, stress affects factors that increase the likelihood of getting heart disease, such as:

• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Overeating
• Sleeping problems
• Physical inactivity
• Heavy drinking

Therefore, stress reduction is vital for the health of your heart.

25 Actions to Deal with Stress

There are several ways you can manage stress. Here are some workable ideas.

1. Adopt positive self-talk (‘I will make it,’ ‘I can fix this mess’ ‘I will handle this systematically’)
2. Take some breathing exercises. Take slow, deep breaths with the focus on the breathing rhythm
3. Take a walk in your neighbourhood
4. Turn on some relaxing music
5. Decompress by using a warm face mask and scented candles
6. Take some time to play with the kids or pet your dog
7. Socialise. Go out with a friend to enjoy an activity, have a chat or take a meal together
8. Take up meditation. Get a quiet place, sit and close your eyes. Then, repeat the positive mantra ‘I feel at peace’ ‘I am strong’ and so forth
9. Relax in natural outdoors in the sun or enjoying a breeze
10. Use a massage roller to massage yourself or get the service from a spa
11. Try some yoga at home or school
12. Disconnect from the internet and social media for some time camping
13. Laugh from a fun TV comedy or a funny friend
14. Take a long relaxing bath
15. Be active. Do some strength-training, jog or take time swimming
16. Do one of your favourite hobbies (cooking, knitting or horse riding)
17. Start a gratitude journal where you write all the experience s for which you are grateful
18. Play a sport you love like basketball, golf, tennis, football or badminton
19. Get your mind off the stressors by reading a book or magazine
20. Take a whole day at the spa for some manicure, pampering and wax treatments
21. Make some creative craft by drawing, painting or paper cuttings
22. Head to your garden to plant some herbs, food or flowers
23. Seek medical attention for help coping with stress
24. Take up a home renovation project
25. Create a photo album or scrapbook for storing beautiful memories.

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