Chatfield Chiropractic Safety Measures

August 13th, 2020 | chiropractic care | Comments Off on Chatfield Chiropractic Safety Measures

Chatfield Chiropractic Safety Measures

We hope that you are keeping safe in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is important to follow all the health guidelines set forth by the relevant health bodies to prevent the spread of the infection. At Chatfield Chiropractic, we have various measures to ensure the safety of both the staff and patients.

Here are some of the measures.

• Our Staff, Jane and Daniel, will be wearing safety glasses and surgical masks when treating all our patients. We believe the masks and glasses go a long way to protecting them and patients that seek our services.
• We have set up a sanitizer station at the front door for use by all our patients. Please make sure you sanitise your hand when entering and leaving our office. This is vital, especially after touching high touch areas such as table, doorknobs and other surfaces.
• We have taken extra cleaning measures the facility to keep off the novel coronavirus. We shall also make sure that we have clean pens and surfaces at the reception. Besides, we shall be re-cleaning the surfaces after every while to eliminate any pathogens that may be introduced in the course of the day.
• Depending on the scheduled appointments, we may ask some patients to postpone their treatment where appropriate. We will be doing this to reduce the daily traffic and give our staff enough time to clean all the surfaces before the next patient comes in.

Let Us Clear the Confusion Regarding Appointments

• The regulations allow you to drive for more than 5 km for chiropractic or medical appointment. Therefore, if you live far away, you can still come to our office.
• If you are not able to drive to our premises due to your health condition, you can have a carer drive you to the appointment.
• If the police stop you, you can use the appointment card, the text we sent you as a reminder for the appointment, or a referral letter from your doctor as proof of the appointment. Once any of them is verified, you should be allowed to continue with your journey.

Our Service Quality has not changed

Despite the measures we have put in place, the quality of our service has not changed. We quarantine the same personal, high-quality chiropractic service we have always offered. Here are some more highlights on our service during this period

• You may choose to have the massage in your car to avoid having to sit in the waiting room. Our staff will come over and offer the same service quality as they do in the clinic.
• We may sometimes get late in our schedules as we clean up the area for our next patient. Please be patient with us as we enhance your hygiene and safety.
• We shall continue to smile behind those masks as we serve you. Feel free and at ease as you come for the service.

Our doors remain open throughout this period even we put together efforts to fight the pandemic and ensure that you get the best chiropractic care.

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