Benefits of Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Paediatric Chiropractic Care
July 26th, 2021 | Paediatric Care | Comments Off on Benefits of Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Paediatric Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor or a chiropractic physician is a medical practitioner who diagnoses and treats the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. They attend to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. These specialists treat conditions related to body structure and their main objective is usually to improve body function and relieve pain in patients. Their job description does not include performing surgeries or prescribe medication but includes adjusting or manipulating the spine back to its proper alignment.

For at least a century now, paediatric chiropractors have provided relief to children in a safe and un-intrusive way. Children who suffer from spine diseases and disabilities or have issues with their nerves have been benefiting from chiropractic care and have continued to lead healthy and normal lives. Some of the benefits of care include:

1. Promotes good healthy living

Paediatric chiropractic not only helps in better spine-neck alignment but also assists in clearing the neural pathway for delicate infants. As a result, these children’s nervous systems have an overall optimal functionality, crucial for healthy living. Children with proper spine-neck alignment tend to have an overall better healthy spine and posture.

2. Helps with breastfeeding

During birth, your baby might go through a difficult process hence having an effect on their small delicate body and spine. A paediatric chiropractor helps to realign your baby’s neck, spine, and shoulders for a more comfortable feeding process for your newborn.

3. Helps your baby sleep better

Sleep training is a good way to make sure your baby sleeps undisturbed throughout the night, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you spend several agonising hours trying to soothe your baby to sleep in vain. Your answer may lay in knowing that a misaligned vertebra might be the culprit. A misalignment of the spine might be causing discomfort or disruption to the nervous system, causing sudden pangs of pain to the child. The best solution would be booking an appointment with us for a better spine-neck alignment.

4. Falls and injuries could cause micro-traumas

Kids fall all the time, right? While it is easy to tell if your child has a major injury, it is almost impossible to tell if they have a micro-trauma. They are mostly caused by tripping or some other everyday minor child accidents that can lead to subluxations. Over time, unresolved subluxations could lead to long term health defects that are much harder to control. Chiropractors are specialised in the early diagnosis and treatment of such diseases and defects.

Final Thoughts

Having a child can sometimes be stressful as it is but having a baby with health issues is even more stressful. Lucky for every parent out there, the medical field is diverse enough and well technologically endowed to handle most of the diseases that can affect your child. It is best advised that you take out medical cover that will cater for such services to ensure that your child grows up happy and healthy.

Chatfield Chiropractic specialises in paediatric chiropractic care and your child’s best interests are our priority. So, if you have concerns, please call us on 9303 9952 (Roxburgh Park) or 9746 3977 (Sunbury) now to book an appointment and discuss the options and alternatives available for you and your child.

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