How Getting Children Active by Reducing Screen Time Is Beneficial

May 15th, 2018 | chiropractic care | Comments Off on How Getting Children Active by Reducing Screen Time Is Beneficial

How Getting Children Active by Reducing Screen Time Is Beneficial

chiropracticParents are often advised that they should get their children outside to play to fight childhood obesity, a condition where fat negatively affects children’s health or well-being. This condition is becoming more widespread than ever. Outside play is essential in combating childhood obesity. Too much “screen time”, instead of physical activity, is an issue that parents should be aware of.

How Too Much Screen Time Affects your child.

Spending prolonged time in front of the screen (tv or iPad) is not good for weight management in children. It has been proved to be detrimental to psychological health, sleep and cognitive development. A wide range of studies suggests that two hours of screen time per day can lead to an overweight, unhappy child.

Physical Activity Benefits

chiropracticStrengthens the Heart of Your child

Like other muscles, the performance of your child’s heart improves when it is regularly challenged by exercise. It responds to exercise by getting stronger and more efficient. Studies suggest that strengthening your heart muscle can help in reducing heart disease, even in early childhood.

It Strengthens Your Child’s Lungs

Physical activity increases your child’s lung capacity and the bodies efficiency to move air in and out of the body. Consequently, more oxygen is carried into their body while carbon dioxide, as well as other waste gases, are discharged. Regular exercise helps in preventing the decline in the intake of oxygen that occurs due to inactivity.

Exercise can help Control Weight

When your child is sedentary they tend to take in more calories than needed and unused calories accumulate in their body as fat. Children who are physically active are using up their calories which helps to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight helps maintain a healthy heart and can also be beneficial in children in managing blood sugars.

It Reduces Your Child’s Blood Sugar Levels

When your child exercises their bodies inhibit sugar from accumulating in their blood. Exercise triggers the muscles to absorb more glucose from the bloodstream and then use it for energy. This can reduce your child’s risk of developing diabetes.

It Helps Keep Veins and Arteries Clear

Exercise reduces the number of fats and harmful cholesterol in the blood of your child. It increases their blood vessel walls flexibility and helps to lower their blood pressure. This can reduce risk of stroke and heart attack.

It Improves Energy Levels

When your child exercises regularly it makes them feel more energetic, allowing them to become more active and reduces the probability that they will tire during the day.

It Strengthens Bones

The same way that muscles grow stronger when they are physically stressed, your child’s bones also respond by growing stronger. Exercise increases your child’s bone density, which helps in preventing osteoporosis, a disease where bones lose density, and become weak, fragile and porous.

It Enhances Emotional Well-Being

According to one theory, exercise releases beta-endorphin, which is a natural substance in the body that is hundreds of times more powerful than morphine. Other theories suggest 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) as the reason for the exercise high.

Increased serotonin levels in the CNS (central nervous system) are linked to the decrease of mental depression, healthy appetites and feelings of well-being. The weight loss that follows exercise can also cause your child to start feeling better about themselves.

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