The Chiropractic Philosophy Of Health

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The Chiropractic Philosophy Of Health

Chiropractic can provide much-needed relief to patients suffering from back pain, headaches and migraine, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain and hip to foot pain. It has been deemed low risk for expectant mothers and young children. Apart from these, chiropractic can help athletes improve their performance and recover from injuries quickly. How can chiropractors help their patients achieve better health and wellness?

In order to better understand how these conditions can be treated by a chiropractor, it is imperative to understand the underlying chiropractic philosophy of health.

Chiropractic derives its name from two Greek words: cheir which means hand and praxis which means action. The literal translation of these terms would be “done by hand.”

Chiropractic differentiates itself from conventional medicine by focusing on the optimisation of a patient’s health through the use of a non-invasive approach. Unlike conventional medicine, chiropractic does not rely on the use of medication or surgery.

The primary focus of chiropractic is the spine and its manipulation in order to remedy a specific medical condition. To a chiropractor, the spine plays a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of a person. The spine provides both protection for the spinal cord and mobility for the upper body. When the individual joints of the spine are not in their optimal position or are not functioning properly, the nerves exiting the spine are affected and irritated. And when these nerves are irritated, they cannot function properly and cause adverse side effects to the tissues they are connected to.

It is the job of the chiropractor to readjust these joints in order to restore optimal body function.

Chiropractors adhere to the belief that in order for the body to function properly, a state of balance between all the bodily systems must be achieved and maintained. Related to this basic principle is another principle that in order for the whole body to function properly, proper structure must be achieved. When a person suffers an injury or succumbs to an illness, the function of the body is impaired.

When a patient visits a chiropractor for a specific condition, the practitioner does not only look at the symptoms or the discomfort the patient is experiencing. Rather, the chiropractic looks at the structural integrity of the spine and the tissues surrounding it and whether the functions of these are impaired.

Chiropractors put a premium on giving the appropriate care for their patients. As such, the first thing they ask themselves is what they can do for their patients. The next thing they ask is whether another practitioner in a different field may be better suited to help the patient.

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