Chiropractic and Osteoarthritis

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Chiropractic and Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis is the term used to describe the effects of wear and tear of the joints in our bodies. For most of us it’s a common sequel of aging; but for others it can present earlier on in life and cause unpleasant effects that take away from our day to day lives.

For many the fear of declining health is a major concern, and the thought of one day being bedridden or facing surgery is certainly not part of the vision when thinking about the future. If the thought of early onset osteoarthritis is worrying you or any of your loved ones, call to book an appointment with one of our highly experienced chiropractic practitioners today, conveniently located in both Roxburgh Park (03) 9303 9952 and Sunbury (03) 9746 3977.

Stiff joints, discomfort, pain, and joints that don’t move as well as they used to – these can all be common indicators that our skeletal bodies are experiencing wear and tear. Inevitably it will affect everyone in our aging years, but the early manifestation of osteoarthritis is equally common after injury, overuse or disuse of joints.

A normal workday for my joints

Your joints are designed to distribute the forces of day to day activities equally between the bones in your body. These bones are lined with protective cartilage, and surrounded by synovial fluid acting as a shock absorber and force distributor. Through movement the joints receive blood flow, oxygen and nutrition, whilst old metabolites and waste gets transported away.

 What is causing the pain?

As joints gradually wear, the protective lining of the bones wear down, while the synovial fluid looses it’s capability to decrease  he shock absorption from our day to day movements. If the symmetrical weight bearing abilities of your body is compromised in any way, say after an injury, from poor posture over time or dysfunctional muscles, the joints affected are more likely to undergo degenerative changes and a cascade of symptoms affecting muscles and joints are felt.

The good news is that hope is just around the corner. Chiropractors work with joints, muscles and mobility to restore proper joint functioning and address tight and sore muscles that often will accompany arthritic joints. Through gentle hands on care, a chiropractor will assess the body as a whole and tailor specific gentle treatment to make sure you body’s joints, muscles and nervous system are working to your advantage.

With years of studying the anatomy, physiology and biomechanical functioning of the human body, chiropractors have a unique way of assessing and treating the body. Through gently applied techniques a chiropractor will address the tight and dysfunctional muscles, assess and align joints and help you and your body preform the way it was intended to.

Don’t let the aches and pains of degenerative joint disease limit your life. Call our office in  Roxburgh Park (03) 9303 9952 or Sunbury (03) 9746 3977 today and talk to our highly experienced staff about how we can help address osteoarthritis and get you and your back to function at it’s best potential.

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